Jewish Celebrities Confront TikTok Over Surge in Antisemitic Content

Antisemitic Surge on TikTok: Jewish celebrities and influencers, including Sacha Baron Cohen, Debra Messing, and Amy Schumer, held a 90-minute video call with TikTok executives to address concerns about a notable increase in antisemitic content and misinformation on the platform. The rise in hateful content is reportedly linked to events following the October 7 Hamas … Read more

French Parliamentary Report Slams Government’s Anti-Tax Evasion Strategy as “Pathetic”

Recommendations Include Increased Funding, Higher Corporate Earnings Tax, and Stronger Measures Against Tax Havens Pathetic Anti-Tax Evasion Strategy: A French parliamentary report released on Monday criticizes the government’s current strategy against tax evasion as “pathetic” and recommends allocating more resources to combat fiscal fraud. The report, led by Charlotte Leduc of the left-wing France Insoumise … Read more

The adoration for Brussels? EU capitals manage national interests alongside climate objectives

In this segment of Brussels, my passion?, we explore speculations about keeping the financial industry out of corporate sustainability regulations and analyze the EU’s propositions to combat online child abuse. Our guests this week included Elizabeth Kuiper, affiliated director at the European Policy Centre; Michiel Hoogeveen, Dutch representative for the European Conservatives and Reformists; and … Read more

Xi meeting leading to decreased tensions in the Asia-Pacific region

The US President, Joe Biden, is returning to Washington after participating in the annual gathering for Asian leaders held in San Francisco this year. Biden engaged with several of his counterparts and outlined a vision of camaraderie and cooperation. The most significant of his meetings was with Chinese President Xi Jinping. This interaction overshadowed the … Read more

Refugee seekers attempting to access Finland from Russia clash with security personnel

Altercations broke out at a Finland border entry from Russia on Friday as 163 migrants on bicycles endeavored to request asylum there. Their effort occurred just prior to the scheduled closure of four passage points along Finland’s extensive boundary with Russia. Helsinki aims to terminate the recent influx of migrants from the Middle East and … Read more