Demonstrations throughout the Middle East and Europe

The protests mirrored the increasing frustration over the rising civilian death toll and the agony caused by the Israel-Hamas conflict. In Jerusalem, demonstrators on Saturday called for the Israeli government to take more decisive action to free approximately 240 captives held by Hamas in Gaza.

Europe urge an end to the conflict

Some advocated for an end to the war, emphasizing that peace is the sole resolution. In Iran, the authorities orchestrated massive rallies against Israel’s encroachment into Gaza.

Iran vehemently opposes Israel’s existence and provides funding to the Shiite Muslim militant group Hezbollah in Lebanon, which has been launching attacks on Israel with Iranian-provided missiles since the conflict erupted.

In Ireland, protesters demanded a halt to the hostilities. In contrast to many countries in Western Europe, the Irish government has consistently criticized Israel while simultaneously supporting Palestinian rights.

Demonstrations calling for a cessation of hostilities also took place in numerous European capitals on Saturday, including Paris.

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Protesters, particularly in nations with sizable Muslim communities such as the U.S., U.K., and France, have expressed disappointment with their governments for backing Israel while its bombings of hospitals and residential areas in the Gaza Strip escalate.

According to the Hamas-managed health ministry, the death toll has surpassed 12,300 Palestinians, encompassing men, women, and children.

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