Meet the woman moulding and shaping a community of potters in Qatar

Youth-Led SCENES Series Highlights the Inspirational Story of a Pottery Enthusiast Building a Thriving Community

  1. Clay Encounters in Doha:

    • SCENES, a youth-focused series, spotlights the endeavors of young change-makers worldwide. In Doha, Reema Abu Hassan is at the helm of Clay Encounters, a thriving community of potters.
    • The creative space offers both experienced and novice potters a place to explore and practice the art of pottery.
  2. Reviving the Craft:

    • Reema’s motivation for establishing Clay Encounters was to revive the traditional craft of pottery. She aimed to instill excitement and passion for pottery, preserving its handmade quality and tactility.
  3. Entrepreneurship with Passion:

    • Reema acknowledges the challenges of starting a creative business but emphasizes the importance of operating from a place of passion and love for the craft.
    • Descending from a family of entrepreneurs, Reema credits her grandfather for inspiring and encouraging her entrepreneurial journey.
  4. Love for Imperfection:

    • Reema’s fascination with clay began during her architecture studies, drawn to its handmade quality and imperfection. She expresses love for the uniqueness that comes with working with clay.
    • The studio, now a hub for designers and creatives, encourages the appreciation of imperfection in the artistic process.
  5. Community Hub and Membership Program:

    • Clay Encounters has grown from Reema’s personal studio to a vibrant community hub. The center offers fully equipped facilities and a membership program, attracting designers and creative individuals.
    • The studio conducts classes covering various pottery techniques, fostering skill development among aspiring potters.
  6. Diverse and Supportive Community:

    • The studio boasts a culturally diverse, all-female team of ten individuals representing five nationalities. Members describe the environment as uplifting and supportive, creating a collaborative network of artists.
    • Patricia, a seasoned member, emphasizes the patience and dedication required in working with clay.
  7. Reema’s Passion for Teaching:

    • In addition to leading Clay Encounters, Reema is a professor at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, teaching in the Master of Fine Art and Design Studies program.
    • Reema expresses joy in teaching and hopes to inspire more people to take up the ancient craft of pottery.
  8. A Place of Joy and Expression:

    • Members of Clay Encounters praise Reema as a kind, patient, and dedicated leader who has created a welcoming space for self-expression.
    • The studio is described as a “happy place” where members feel welcomed, supported, and can pursue their love for pottery.

Reema Abu Hassan’s journey with Clay Encounters reflects a passion for preserving traditional crafts, fostering creativity, and building a supportive community in Qatar. The studio’s expansion is anticipated to inspire more individuals to embrace the art of pottery under Reema’s guidance.

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