My Wildest Prediction Podcast: Tech and Business Leaders Make Bold Forecasts on the Future

In a captivating new podcast, “My Wildest Prediction,” innovation expert Tom Goodwin engages with tech and business leaders who boldly predict transformative changes that could reshape our world. From the demise of dating apps to the end of capitalism, these visionary discussions explore the potential future landscape.

Podcast Highlights:

  1. Dramatic Predictions Unveiled:

    • CEOs, tech disruptors, and entrepreneurs share their most audacious predictions, offering a glimpse into a future that challenges conventional wisdom.
    • The podcast invites listeners to stay at the forefront of the ever-changing business world by exploring bold forecasts with the potential to transform various sectors.
  2. Envisioning a New Future:

    • Hosted by innovation expert and futurist speaker Tom Goodwin, each episode kicks off with a captivating excerpt from a guest’s wildest prediction.
    • The podcast delves into groundbreaking forecasts in the realms of technology and business, encouraging listeners to envision a future that goes beyond the expected.
  3. Daring Discussions:

    • “My Wildest Prediction” doesn’t just forecast the future; it engages in discussions about the pathways to reaching these bold predictions.
    • Tech and business visionaries share insights, perspectives, and strategies that could shape the trajectory of innovation and industry evolution.
  4. Anticipated Topics:

    • The podcast hints at some of the provocative topics discussed, such as the predicted decline of dating apps, the assertion that capitalism is over, and the gradual disappearance of social apps.
    • Listeners can expect a diverse range of forecasts and discussions, challenging preconceived notions about the future of technology and business.

Join the Conversation:

  • “My Wildest Prediction” invites listeners to join the conversation on the future of technology and business.
  • The podcast promises an immersive experience, providing both the courage to forecast the future and engaging discussions on how these predictions might unfold.

As the tech and business landscape evolves, “My Wildest Prediction” emerges as a platform where innovation, foresight, and daring discussions come together to shape the narrative of what lies ahead.

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