Swedish postal workers strike against Tesla

Swedish postal workers have joined the ongoing strike against Tesla, sparked by the carmaker’s refusal to sign a collective bargaining agreement, leading to disruptions in deliveries and escalating tensions in the labour dispute.
ADVERTISEMENTPostal workers in Sweden have joined the strike against Tesla, as the US electric carmaker remains steadfast in its refusal to sign a collective bargaining agreement on wages. The strike started at the end of October when 130 mechanics in 10 Tesla workshops across seven Swedish cities walked out. It has since extended its reach to various other workshops responsible for repairing Elon Musk’s electric cars, leading to disruptions in the unloading of Tesla vehicles at ports.The Service and Communications Employees’ Union (Seko) declared on Monday its decision to halt the delivery and collection of mail and parcels to all Tesla sites in Sweden, including those serviced by the PostNord and CityMail groups. Consequently, the transportation of crucial spare parts and components required for repairs will be severely affected.Tesla at odds with Sweden’s regulationsGabriella Lavecchia, president of Seko, emphasised in a statement that Tesla’s non-compliance with prevailing labour regulations in Sweden is an attempt to gain a competitive advantage by offering workers substandard wages and conditions compared to those stipulated in a collective agreement. The Swedish labour market model relies heavily on sector-specific collective agreements, covering nearly 90% of the country’s workforce and ensuring minimum wages and acceptable working conditions.Despite being union members, Tesla workers find themselves excluded from sectoral collective agreements due to the company’s refusal to sign such agreements. With 127,000 employees worldwide, Tesla has consistently rejected calls for unionisation. This stance has garnered support from nine other unions, including IF Metall, which has announced solidarity measures with Tesla employees, planning to cease maintenance work at Tesla sites from 28 November.While the impact of the strike on Tesla operations in Sweden has been limited thus far, the company has reportedly sought alternative means of delivery, including road transport, raising questions about the effectiveness of the ongoing labour action. IF Metall has accused Tesla of undermining the strike, further intensifying the tensions between the company and its workforce in Sweden.

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