Türkiye Projected to Overtake France as Europe’s Second Most Visited Country in 2024

Date: [20-11-2023]

In a resounding testament to the revival of global tourism, Europe has witnessed a remarkable surge in visitor numbers in 2023, reaching levels reminiscent of the pre-pandemic era. Among the standout performers, Türkiye has emerged as the unexpected leader, experiencing an unprecedented 70 percent increase in tourist arrivals compared to 2019.

The data, revealed in the WTM Global Travel Report in association with Tourism Economics, underscores Türkiye’s growing prominence on the international tourism stage. Despite an overall 3 percent dip in visits to Europe from 2019 to 2023, Türkiye’s tourist numbers have skyrocketed, outshining Europe’s two largest markets, France and Spain, which reported increases of 33 percent and 31 percent, respectively.

The Türkiye Advantage:

Several factors contribute to Türkiye’s tourism boom, making it a magnet for travelers seeking diverse experiences at an affordable cost. One key driver is the falling Turkish lira, which has significantly enhanced the affordability of holidays in Türkiye for international visitors.

Türkiye’s allure extends beyond its currency advantage. The country’s pristine coastline, dotted with high-end resorts, has positioned it as a budget-friendly alternative to renowned European destinations such as the Italian Riviera and France’s Côte d’Azur. Iconic cities like Istanbul, with its buzzing neighborhoods and Ottoman architecture, and historic marvels like Ephesus on the west coast, have further cemented Türkiye’s status as a must-visit destination.

Adding to Türkiye’s appeal is the unique Cappadocia region, where visitors can experience a surreal landscape carved from rock, enjoy hot air balloon rides, and stay in cave hotels. Notably, Türkiye remains one of the few European destinations that have not banned flights from Russia, with an anticipated influx of 7 million Russian tourists in 2023, a notable increase from the 5 million in the previous year.

Projections for 2024:

The WTM report predicts that Turkey’s tourism success story will continue into 2024, positioning the country to surpass France as the second most visited destination in Europe. The forecast indicates sustained growth for Spain, France, and Türkiye, with increases in tourism value projected at 74 percent, 80 percent, and 72 percent, respectively.

As Europe welcomes a new era of travel resurgence, Turkey stands out as a shining star, captivating global travelers with its unique blend of affordability, diverse attractions, and a warm hospitality that transcends economic challenges. With the stage set for Türkiye to claim the title of Europe’s second-most visited country, the nation looks poised to leave an indelible mark on the global tourism landscape.

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