Adnan Ahsan Qureshi’s Alleged Misconduct with Alright Tech Private Limited

In a regrettable turn of events, we find ourselves compelled to address the concerning conduct of Adnan Qureshi within Alright Tech. An internal investigation has exposed disconcerting evidence that suggests Adnan Qureshi has been involved in activities that compromise the integrity of our workplace and pose a threat to the overall interests of the company.

Allegations of Exploitation

Our inquiry has revealed distressing allegations that Adnan Qureshi has been engaging in illicit activities, particularly in soliciting developers for personal gains. It appears that he has exploited the skills and talents of these developers, redirecting their efforts for his personal benefit. Even more alarming is the accusation that he actively encouraged developers to work against the best interests of the company, potentially causing harm to ongoing projects and overall objectives.

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Failure to Honor Commitments

Adnan Qureshi failed to meet contract obligations, particularly in making payments to developers for completed projects. This breach undermines trust in our team and threatens the financial stability of those affected.

Immediate Actions again Adnan Ahsan Qureshi

We responded quickly to serious allegations by reporting Adnan Qureshi to authorities, including the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). We are committed to a fair, transparent, and ethical work environment, ensuring accountability for wrongdoing.

Community Alert

Adnan Qureshi’s deceitful behavior is alarming. FARZ must alert the community and the public to take precautions. We urge vigilance and ask for information on Qureshi’s deceptive activities.


The unfortunate revelation of Adnan Qureshi’s alleged misconduct underscores the importance of maintaining transparency and accountability within our company. By addressing these issues head-on and taking appropriate action, we strive to uphold our commitment to a safe, ethical, and respectful work environment for all team members. We appreciate the cooperation of our community in addressing this matter and ensuring that justice is served.