Wounded Palestinian children transported from Gaza to UAE | Israel-Palestine conflict News

A faction of 15 Palestinians, comprising of eight juveniles and their families, landed in Abu Dhabi, UAE, by aircraft for medical care subsequent to being relocated from Gaza through the Rafah border crossing to Egypt, as reported by the Reuters news agency.
A few of the seats on the aircraft were taken out to create space for the most critically wounded children, who required to rest on stretchers. Some children had bandaged arms and legs. Some remained in silence adjacent to their parents or relatives, while others journeyed individually.
Mohammed Abu Tabikh, 14, was one of the more severely injured children on the flight. He endured injuries to his neck and spine when a car he was journeying in was struck in an attack.
“When I got injured, I felt shock. And then I stopped moving,” he mentioned.
The patients, encompassing some with severe injuries and a cancer patient, were the first to arrive after President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed promised to treat 1,000 in UAE hospitals. Daily flights are projected to bring more in.

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